Tuesday, 26 February 2013

TED Talks

Thought it would be cool to see what everyone in 303 thinks of this article from the BBC that talks about "the cult of TED". I agree. Where does everyone stand? Cult follower, participant, or outsider?


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  1. I liked the points brought up in this article, but is this anything really new? As social beings, everything we do is infused with desires of belonging, status and inevitably, sex. TED is no different. Wether you are a presenter, an audience member, or an online follower, this inclusion categorizes individuals among a group that values "innovative ideas," lending intellectual status and a strong serving of ego to those who claim membership. Out-grouping: I am in, you are out. I watch TED, you watch cat videos. I am therefore smarter, better, more desirable. Alain de Botton captures the TED experience well: pick out the good while accepting the status quo of social posturing and false hierarchies.


    Here is a prime example of the initial TED mission being hijacked by a very wealthy and powerful person, with an audience of slightly less wealthy and powerful people hanging off of every word of the homecoming queen. This was actually shown in a university classroom. Note the "x" as a small salvation.