Sunday, 10 March 2013


In light of tomorrow's class that will give details of what fundraising plans will be developed for the upcoming summer and spring prior to your placements, I would like to suggest an idea that I've been developing over the past couple of weeks. The success of last year's Global Gala ( had me thinking, how could this event be made even more successful?

       After volunteering with CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation), a think tank based in uptown Waterloo I found out about the excellent facilities they have. These include a lecture hall/ theater, courtyard, and ultra-modern campus at the CIGI Campus, a separate entity of the think tank itself. I believe that with the wealth of knowledge and amount of experts in the area INDEVOURS could host lectures or panel discussions with local development experts prior or after the Global Gala, to provide an informative and lively discussion to help our families, friends, and the general public understand the importance of our placements. If we decide to choose an off-campus location arguable the nicest theatre in the city is only 5 minutes away, The CIGI Campus Auditorium. The campus' website describes the theatre as
  "a high-end venue in the heart of Waterloo available to non-profit organizations, community groups and businesses for meetings and events."                               (
 The CIGI Campus Auditorium

      By holding an informative discussion panel we will both raise awareness of development issues, of INDEVOURS, and as a bonus, I believe we also will have the ability to raise additional funds. If the space could be used for free or at a low cost, we could make donations voluntary or at a low amount, and be sure to sell tickets to the Global Gala or any other events we decide upon. As for the location, I feel we could even hold smaller more intimate discussions at cafes around the city willing to lend us their space for an evening (they would gain promotion and people will spend while there). Some suggestions could be at the Yeti Cafe, a personal acquaintance of mine who owns it already said she would seriously consider it ( Let me know what you think, is this tangible? Too far away from what we want to do? Too complex to plan?


  1. Hey Corey! I think that is a great idea. Holding a discussion off campus will help us attract community members rather than just professors or students. It will be a great way to establish ourselves and build a reputation within the community that can also benefit future indevours. We can invite local MPs and mayors to attend this discussion as well.

    The only concern I have about this is whether the community will be interested or not.

  2. I think it's a great idea Corey!!! Sounds like an awesome idea, and one that would have great potential. I think there would be potential interest, considering SAID gets people out to our conferance every year. I guess the only question is how to get the ball rolling on getting an event started

    1. Yeah exactly, it may require a bit more long term planning but I really think it covers what we want to achieve as indevours.