Sunday, 19 May 2013

Paris @ Night: Prepare for the Best, Expect the Best

"No Pictures Allowed (Le ballroom du Beef Club)"
The first night of partying here (not coincidentally the day of arrival) I learned a hard lesson: I'm not special. Bouncers can, and will turn you away if you don't represent what the owners want their bar to look like inside and out. Luckily for me I never had that problem, but became very aware of the potential. What can you do here?  Anything you want to do. If you want to party until 7 in the morning or well into the afternoon this is your city. Just like in Canada there are different tiers of nightlife, some younger-crowd, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, Aussie pubs are a good time, if you want to come to Paris and go to something familiar [why the hell you would want that I'm not sure]. Then there is a bohemian district known as Oberkampf, a more localized and 'organic' part of Paris, with gritty bars, interesting people and a solid mixture of ethnic diversity.There are many mention-worthy places I have found so far, and will say one more area, Rue Montmarte/Rue Montorgueil. These two streets have several exclusive clubs, with no cell reception, no pictures, amazing music and really friendly people. Even going alone one will meet friendly people here, get cocktails from award-winning bartenders and listen to funk-swing-electro, impossible not to dance, meet people and party until 6am, and catch the first metro ride home in the morning.
Le Next Bar (website pic)
This atmosphere exists here as a result of several things that I dearly wish existed in Canada: informal rules when necessary, and formal rules that are flexible. In Canada other than dress code regulations you will get let in anywhere, not the case here: and its not a problem to not let you in. Bars will stay open and serve as long as the patrons are in, which allows you to take your time, finish conversations, and be relaxed although the sun is coming up. The strict rules in Canada of forcing people to be finished at 230 : usually only two hours after coming in: : are a source of stress for everyone going out. Let's relax on the rules, create more mystery in nightlife, restrict douchebaggery to several designated places and enjoy ourselves, Canada.

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