Monday, 8 July 2013

Paris via bicycle

Riding a bike in a city can be intimidating if you haven't sat on one since you were twelve; and in small Canadian cities the possibility doesn't even exist depending on your living/working situation. Toronto is now struggling to accommodate towards cyclists while not taking funding from other "public transport" sectors, when in all actuality if the city did make cycling more appealing and safe it would be helping itself out in more ways then one. More cars off the streets, less need to fix the problems that cars create, to say the least the healthcare epidemic that exists from a lack of exercise (if you're not walking more than 500 steps a day, you're in for some serious health problems down the road). These are, I suppose some aspects of the pro-cycle community. But I feel there is a much larger side, a more passionate or emotional argument that politicians and construction companies don't like to hear.

If by chance you live in a city that's interesting enough to ride a bike to work, or for leisure, or to the library; then this article will be a repetition of how you feel outside on the road. I right now am lucky enough to live in a interesting city that makes for interesting bike rides. Get some sun. see new roads. Find new stores and cafes. Learn the cities' orientation better. A friend of mine has never taken a bike for the past 3 months since living here, and has no idea where anything is, for that matter where she is; because the metro lines keep you underground and pop you up like a gopher within 100 metres of your destination. No need to walk around, or to breath in new aspects of the city. Riding lets you learn more, and allows you to really feel loosened off of the strict paths of point A---->>point B.

"It's Dangerous!!!!" I have my doubts. If I'm still alive riding how I do, combined with how Parisians drive, and how the roads are laid out, I don't think it is at all. Don't feel like researching it, but even with no one wearing helmets here I'm yet to see someone get touched by a car. Get out, get on a bike, and quit being lazy.

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  1. Riding a velib when drunk is the best shit ever dude!